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What is a floating floor?

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Floating floors have become the go-to method for installing many different types of flooring. As an installation method it is far easier, simpler and more cost-effective than other methods. Laminate flooring, LVF (luxury vinyl flooring) and engineered wood flooring are all examples of flooring types that can use this more modern installation method while solid hardwood, ceramic tile and carpeting use older methods of installation.

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It’s one of the easiest methods of floor installation so you could easily undertake this task yourself; as such, it’s often cheaper as you won’t need to pay someone to lay the flooring for you.

A floating floor also ensures that the flooring above it can expand with heat or moisture, as long as it’s installed correctly.

As it’s easy and relatively cheap to lay, you can change the style and colour of your flooring easily; for example, swapping your blue bathroom …

5 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen

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Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the weather getting warmer than undertaking a traditional spring clean? Although the task may at first seem daunting, it offers enormous benefits for any business. Having a clean workspace will boost the productivity and mood of your staff.

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Check out our guide below that offers five spring-cleaning tips for your commercial kitchen.

1)      Fryer

If too much grease builds up in your fryer, it’s a guaranteed fire hazard. Degrease by unplugging the appliance and draining oil into a large bowl – instead of clogging your sink. After this, remove tank racks, baskets, hangers and filters (to wash separately). To cleaning the interior, use paper towels to absorb any remaining oil before cleaning with warm soapy water.

2)      Grill

It’s important to clean your grill, as hard, blackened carbon will form over time, which can prove difficult to remove. If …

Four great soccer conditioning drills

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Good conditioning is essential to bring out the best of any player on the football pitch. If a player is not fit enough, he will be out of breath, out of position and on his or her way to being out of the team.

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As well as ensuring a player can contribute for 90 minutes, good conditioning influences decision-making. A tired body leads to a tired mind, and players lose their mental edge and “switch off” at key moments in the game.

Conditioning takes players into the closing stages of a game with the same levels of fitness they began with, and the team with those levels is usually the winner. Help for coaches is provided by the Football Association.

Achieving this conditioning can only be done by examining soccer training drill videos – you can find some at – and applying the knowledge gleaned on …

The Revolutionary Earth Peace Meditation of Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant

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Meditation has always been one of the best ways to bring about inner peace and calm, this has been a way of life for many from years immemorial. Yoga which is the base of this mediation has been present in India for the past 2500 years; this is now slowly gaining impetus globally. There are numerous pioneers of this all over the world, but one name which is a worth a mention owing to the kind of wave he has created in the present times endorsing Yoga is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant.

This Yogiraj is a descendent of the Nath Lineage who at the tiny age of 3 had decided to choose to fulfill his calling as a Yogi after having completed his education. He is a Himalayan Master who spent his initial years in those mountain peaks and caves with the Nath Yogis. He is said to have attained …

Peter Max- The Difference Between Modern Art & Contemporary Art

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There is a lot of confusion among people when it comes to the difference between modern art and contemporary art. These terms are not clear to the beginner. There are artists in the USA and across the world that deal with subjects of modern and contemporary art however what is the difference between the two and why are they so popular today?

Peter Max- the difference between modern art and contemporary art

Noted artist in the USA, Peter Max is an accomplished artist who deals with current events in his artwork. He is also the creator of many award- winning book jackets and album covers in the world. He has worked on famous wall murals and postage stamps. He is well respected and loved by his peers and followers.

Coming to the subject about the difference between modern art and contemporary art, he says that modern art refers to the …

Meredith Iler- Customized Homes for Wounded Heroes

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Over 52,000 army personnel have been wounded in the line of duty in the Global War Against Terror that began in 2001 post the bombing of the twin towers in the USA. Some war heroes have lost their lives and many have been injured with limb amputations, burns, blindness, traumatic injuries to the brain and more. These heroes need to be given special homes when they come back from the battlefield so that they are able to reintegrate into daily life with the passage of time.

­­Meredith Iler -The nation is here to help

Meredith Iler spearheads the Helping A Hero fundraising campaign that has the sole mission of awarding these war heroes with customized homes to cater to their needs when they return back with severe injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan.  These homes have been built in partnership with builders, developers and the communities. They have rolling showers, …

Harley Reagan –Spiritual Value of Plants to Human Existence      

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Human beings are wrong to assume they are the only ones on this planet to have consciousness. In fact, all forms of life on Earth has the ability to learn and nurture from their own experience regardless of the time period it takes for such primitive development. This includes various varieties of plant life that grow on the fields. These life forms also register some degree of feelings, awareness and sensitivity to their environment. This is the reason why plant worship has always been a common feature in many different religions around the world.

Harley Reagan – Significance of plants in the spiritual world

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group whose members seek to introduce to the public the teachings of Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island. It is under the guidance and order of the Twisted Hairs Metis …