Meredith Iler- Customized Homes for Wounded Heroes

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Over 52,000 army personnel have been wounded in the line of duty in the Global War Against Terror that began in 2001 post the bombing of the twin towers in the USA. Some war heroes have lost their lives and many have been injured with limb amputations, burns, blindness, traumatic injuries to the brain and more. These heroes need to be given special homes when they come back from the battlefield so that they are able to reintegrate into daily life with the passage of time.

­­Meredith Iler -The nation is here to help

Meredith Iler spearheads the Helping A Hero fundraising campaign that has the sole mission of awarding these war heroes with customized homes to cater to their needs when they return back with severe injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan.  These homes have been built in partnership with builders, developers and the communities. They have rolling showers, wider doors and bigger hallways. The soldiers that have severe burns need to have a home with a controlled temperature of 68 degrees as they do not have sweat glands. There are some heroes that undergo multiple amputations.

Customizing homes for every war veteran

The Helping A Hero campaign has the sole motive to customize every home to meet the needs of each war veteran. The campaign has the support of many Americans that provide freedom to these soldiers in a home that is specially adapted and catered to their unique needs. These customized homes are a gift to these war veterans for the ultimate sacrifice they have made to their nations. Till date over 100 wounded veterans of 22 states in the USA have been awarded these customized homes.

The campaign also has a number of events where awareness is generated about these veteran war heroes and how a generous donation can change their lives forever. The major objective of this campaign is to help these war heroes to restore their lives so that they can recover from the mental and physical scars of war with time.

Donate and help the wounded warriors fighting against terror

The campaign accepts donations from people that wish to help these valued war veterans that have sacrificed a lot for the sake of their nation. These homes are considered to be made to make mobility and life easier for these war veterans to live in peace and comfort. People from all walks of life can visit the Helping A Hero official website and donate the proceeds they want to help these soldiers that have been severely wounded in The Global War Against Terror.

Meredith Iler says that helping these wounded war heroes is a noble gesture as they have sacrificed their lives for the fight against terror. There are many soldiers that have been gifted a home that is customized to make their lives easier as they deserve it. Specially adapted homes for these heroes are a boon to them and you can make their dreams of a comfortable life come true by helping them with a customized home she adds!