Peter Max- The Difference Between Modern Art & Contemporary Art

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There is a lot of confusion among people when it comes to the difference between modern art and contemporary art. These terms are not clear to the beginner. There are artists in the USA and across the world that deal with subjects of modern and contemporary art however what is the difference between the two and why are they so popular today?

Peter Max- the difference between modern art and contemporary art

Noted artist in the USA, Peter Max is an accomplished artist who deals with current events in his artwork. He is also the creator of many award- winning book jackets and album covers in the world. He has worked on famous wall murals and postage stamps. He is well respected and loved by his peers and followers.

Coming to the subject about the difference between modern art and contemporary art, he says that modern art refers to the style and the philosophy of artwork that took place in the period between 1890 to 1960. The main mission of modern art was to brush aside past traditions and lay more emphasis on experimenting with a new perspective when it came to looking at the world.

Modern art does not mean new and fashionable

He says that the ordinary viewer confuses this term of modern art with something that is fashionable and new. However, the term modern art refers to the time period of art mentioned above. He further says that this movement of modern art created and introduced several fresh concepts in the world of art. He says that artists started to focus on personal iconography, dreams and symbolism as signature work. Here again, artists of modern art started to use a stream of colors as expression. They also used mediums and materials that were non-traditional in nature.

Contemporary art

He says that contemporary art is the work that is created by artists living today in the present era. This genre of art refers to the period after the Second World War. It is used to include the work of artists that are still living and creating paintings. This art focuses on current subjects that haunt the world today. For instance, artists focus on globalization, feminism, racism, oppression of third-world countries and more. This form of art has grown in the last three decades or so. They emphasize on current matters that are important. There are new mediums that are emerging like video art, salon art, graphical art, social media to name a few. This form of art has managed to break many conventional walls and create limitless opportunities in the future for artists to express their work.

Peter Max says that both forms of art have dominated the art world in the recent years. They are popular at auctions and they draw many inspirational ideas from artists. He says that modern and contemporary art are one of the best ways to express current day issues and problems. Artists play a significant role in portraying this message out to the public forum in creative and powerful ways!