Criminal Charges and Why It Counts to Have the Best Legal Defense Team

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There are unfortunate times when you or a loved one gets on the wrong side of the law, and the reality of suddenly dealing with a criminal charge arrives in full force. It is never an easy period when you have to be under investigation especially for first-timers who come face to face with law enforcement. Generally, it is a period of great confusion and hope that the wheels of time could go back to avoid making the mistake. Unfortunately, with time running and the possibilities of facing jail time becoming a reality quick thinking is the only way out of the situation.

A solid procedure to ensure that there is a chance to prove your innocence regardless of the charges against you is to seek professional assistance. The good news is that Barnes Law criminal defense lawyer is at hand to be your partner for the unfortunate scenario. Since taking a gamble is out of the question when your freedom is at stake, the decision to call a lawyer should be made as soon as possible. While making the decision can be tough at the minute you are arrested, there is always a sufficient window period between that time and the arraignment date.

Primarily, a criminal lawyer specializes in two categories of law namely felonies and misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are often less severe and include domestic assault, simple drug possession, petty theft or shoplifting, public intoxication, and reckless driving. On the other hand, felonies are more severe charges which can result in life imprisonment and include possession of illegal drugs, murder, treason, robbery, rape, and different forms of fraud. Given the extensive range of criminal law, it is vital to inquire beforehand on the area of expertise of the lawyer you intend to hire as most firms tend to have areas of speciality.

The first advantage that comes with hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer is the guaranteed ability in navigating the state legal system. A good attorney has spent years mastering the right techniques to have the upper hand over the state in the favor of their clients. This extends beyond the understanding of the written law to know how to handle each unique case brought before them. By having such strong backing, it does not matter how severe the charges are one can have a fair ground for making a good defense which could win the day.

Another core reason why you must have a criminal defense attorney by your side is the fact that dealing with most prosecutors is never a walk in the park. It does not matter how much one knows all the critical legal rules and regulations, it is near impossible to negotiate with a prosecutor as an amateur. An expert lawyer will turn the tables and be the shield required for negotiations which could see you acquire plea bargains. Essentially this is where some or all the charges against you could be dropped, and if that is impossible, the potential sentence reduced which is a privilege not a lot of people receive.