Keeping Water off the Bathroom Floor

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My husband and I were not talking to each other about the soft spot in our bathroom floor, maybe because we thought it would go away if we did not talk about it. I was really scared that it was a beam or something that was rotted and my husband thought it was going to be a serious issue so he talked about going and looking at shower enclosures in Queens NY where we would be able to look at different things that we could put over our current leaky shower. The man told my husband before we put it over and set a date, we should make sure that the water did not soak all the way through the floor, and I thought that was a really good idea because there could also be a lot of mold and that would not be good for me as I have so many different allergies.

There are people that will say that it is really important to go and keep things like water off the floor, no matter what type of flooring you have but my husband said if he was going to have to change the floor and the tile that he mind as well as just take up the entire floor and actually see what is causing the soft spot. I was scared because I thought it was going to cost a lot of money, but it ended up being because there was a little leak from the pipe in the basement and we did not see it because it was such a small leak. I am so happy that we were able to keep it going and we ended up doing the entire bathroom over again. I loved the new bathroom and the way everything in the room came out.