Hair Begins to Show Its Age

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I thought the worst thing that I would have to face when getting old was having my hair turn gray. I was ready to start using hair dyes, or to just wear the natural gray look, but I was hit with something worse. The only thing in terms of hair that is worse than gray hair is having no hair at all. My hair had started to thin, and it was looking worse each time I looked in the mirror when brushing my hair. One of the only things that could save my hair was a Singapore aesthetic clinic.

I was so scared to even touch my hair because of the thinning. Each time that I had to wash my hair in the shower, I was worried about pulling out clumps of hair. Of course, this never happened, but the thinning still occurred. I think the fact that the thinning didn’t happen all at once is what made it so frustrating. Having big clumps come out at once would have at least made me feel like I had some kind of control over how the hair was coming out. Gradual thinning just left me with a feeling of confusion.

Luckily for me, the clinic had a plan to stop the thinning and get my hair back. Through some treatments, they activated the hair follicles that had stopped growing and put them into a growth state again. The hair grew back, and now I’m back to only worrying about having gray hair. I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t had any gray hairs yet, but I have a feeling that they’ll be coming soon. My parents both started to get gray hair around their late 50s, so I expect the same thing to happen to me, although things could be a little different.