An Essential Guide to Escape Rooms

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As per their website, Escape Hour is deemed to be the premier company when it comes to escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada.

3 different types of escape entertainment are offered by Escape Hour at present, namely, Battle, Original Escape, as well as Action. We will take a look at each type of quest room in brief in the following paragraphs.

Original Escape rooms

Original Escape rooms are actually adventure games. The team you are participating with is going to be locked within a theme which consists of several rooms with concealed transitions. It will be imperative for you to solve various puzzles along with your teammates. There are game masters in this particular locker room that will assist you during your quest so as to ensure complete enjoyment and gratification.

You will come across as many as 3 Original Escape rooms, namely, Catch Me If You Can, 5 Elements, and The Matrix.

The 5 Elements locker room has been dedicated to a culturally significant feature film. You will come across lots of remarkable tasks for solving with surprising results. In fact, you might be wondering how it was possible for you to achieve this. The earth is going to be destroyed by evil. There is no way to stop this from happening whatsoever. Will it be feasible for you to save our planet within one hour?

The Matrix locker room is going to be praised by the movie buffs as well as those individuals who are solving top-notch puzzles out there. Moreover, the staff in this room is quite friendly with the teams who are participating in solving the puzzles. The primary waiting room here is awesome and there are comfortable couches along with several board games for killing time with.

On the other hand, the Catch Me If You Can quest room will provide you with all the required attributes in case you are looking for a good heist. Here, it will be imperative to open is scary bank vault along with special equipment; find a way to escape from the bank while avoiding the security lasers as well.

The Battle escape rooms

These escape rooms are going to encourage competition. Here we have got 2 in Edmonton, namely, the Tron theme and Senator’s Battle.

While playing in the Tron locker room, you will be capable of replaying. On the contrary, in the Senator’s Battle room, teams will be pitted against one another and you will be able to see the progress made by your rival.

The Action room

It will not be possible to come across this type of quest room format anywhere else in the country, even in Calgary. This particular escape room requires large spaces with physical training. You will be living as many as 5 lives, namely, a businessman, a Cosmonaut, a ninja, a pop star, and a nuclear researcher.