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What is a floating floor?

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Floating floors have become the go-to method for installing many different types of flooring. As an installation method it is far easier, simpler and more cost-effective than other methods. Laminate flooring, LVF (luxury vinyl flooring) and engineered wood flooring are all examples of flooring types that can use this more modern installation method while solid hardwood, ceramic tile and carpeting use older methods of installation.

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It’s one of the easiest methods of floor installation so you could easily undertake this task yourself; as such, it’s often cheaper as you won’t need to pay someone to lay the flooring for you.

A floating floor also ensures that the flooring above it can expand with heat or moisture, as long as it’s installed correctly.

As it’s easy and relatively cheap to lay, you can change the style and colour of your flooring easily; for example, swapping your blue bathroom …