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5 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen

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Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate the weather getting warmer than undertaking a traditional spring clean? Although the task may at first seem daunting, it offers enormous benefits for any business. Having a clean workspace will boost the productivity and mood of your staff.

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Check out our guide below that offers five spring-cleaning tips for your commercial kitchen.

1)      Fryer

If too much grease builds up in your fryer, it’s a guaranteed fire hazard. Degrease by unplugging the appliance and draining oil into a large bowl – instead of clogging your sink. After this, remove tank racks, baskets, hangers and filters (to wash separately). To cleaning the interior, use paper towels to absorb any remaining oil before cleaning with warm soapy water.

2)      Grill

It’s important to clean your grill, as hard, blackened carbon will form over time, which can prove difficult to remove. If …

Basic Settlement Skills You Should  Know

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Learning some basic negotiation skills can help in your attempt  to become successful in the commercial market. An excellent negotiator will be able  to cut costs because of their business and potentially make  a much  more money in the long run. Here are some of this fundamental negotiation skills that you should  know.

One of the negotiation that is basic to learn is just how  to require something you want. People get into negotiations and additionally they never actually bypass to telling the other person whatever  they want out of  the process. You should  be able  to articulate your requirements to the other celebration in order to focus on satisfying them. As to what you want, you will most definitely not get it if you do not actually alert them. Even though  it might feel embarrassing, you will need  to get up the courage to ask them.

Another fundamental settlement …